TrunkCratePro Reveal Five Tips on How to Best Organize a Trunk for the New Year

Leading vehicle trunk organizer brand TrunkCratePro deeply understand what it takes to have an orderly and efficient car or truck trunk.  As a special 2021 gift for shoppers the company recently shared its thoughts on the subject.


January 20, 2021


It’s not an uncommon New Year’s resolution to get a vehicle’s trunk in order. The problem is often not knowing where to start or what factors should be kept in mind. The good news is the brand responsible for what many call the “world’s best trunk organizer”, TrunkCratePro are here to help. TrunkCratePro’s professional team recently shared it’s top 5 tips on how to best organize a trunk. The eye-opening insights follow.


  1. Use Collapsible Bins. What’s in a trunk will often vary. This means sometimes there’s a need for a small vehicle trunk organizer. Other times there’s a need for a cargo organizer that can hold securely larger items. To meet these needs TrunkCratePro points to their own TrunkCratePro trunk organizer as being an adjustably sized collapsible option, that is extremely affordable. If not having a selection of collapsible bins in a garage ready to go, but clearly this is nowhere near as efficient.


  1. Utilize Sandwich Bags. One of the more annoying things about keeping a trunk organized is having lots of small things ending up everywhere. The TrunkCratePro team suggests dividing these up by “common categories” and throwing each in its own zip lock bag. The put all of the zip lock bags into one of the TrunkCratePro trunk organizer for cars, suvs, vans, mini vans, trucks and rvs easy compartments. What used to take 15 minutes or more to find is now found in seconds.


  1. Keep Things Clean. If 2020 taught us anything, high on the list should be the need to keep things as clean and hygienic as possible. Doing a five minute cleaning every week or two, equals a more joyful trunk. The very good news is, if you are using the TrunkCratePro you can use its handles to lift it out hassle free. Then use a spray bottle and some paper towels, and a quick vacuum (if necessary) and things are as good as new. This is another reason why the TrunkCratePro wins praise as the best trunk organizer on the market today, with over 10,000 reviews online to prove it.


  1. Tie Things Down. Just putting baskets in a trunk is a wildly bad idea. One short stop and everything goes everywhere. Trust us when we say this always happens at the most inconvenient time. You can try to tie these baskets down (another headache) or step up to the TrunkCratePro. The trunk organizer is designed to adjust in size to be a snug fit held in place with velcro from trucks, to small cars, all the way to being used as a car storage for SUVs. If needed, the TrunkCratePro even has heavy duty eyelets for bungee cord use too.


  1. Don’t Forget a Safety Kit. Easy access to a safety, “must have” kit is a very smart precaution. BUT you need to know where it is. The adjustable compartments in the TrunkCratePro solves this problem. Use one compartment for this use and let the family know where it is in case of an emergency. Better safe than sorry.


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